May 29, 2019

An actor, who I directed at the academy a couple years back, Khalil Lowry requested I post on directing, what follows are some thoughts.

This topic has given me a chance to review and contemplate what I strive to do when I direct.

Funny enough, I realized something about my teaching. When working with actors to develop their craft, I apply some of the very same techniques as when I direct. The difference being that I don't consider my own specifics of theme and idea but rather I focus on the actors applying their sense of the story and instruct through analysis how to have that vision. With the strong belief that actors are not puppets.

  1. Know the story better than anybody! Define an exciting and compelling analysis.

  2. Know what you want to DO ultimately, what you want to SAY and what you want you & your audience to FEEL!

  3. Be able to articulate that dream/vision to your crew, whether it be designers for stage or crew and post production for film.

  4. Be...

May 19, 2019

Tension is FEAR created by thought, my mind takes me from here and now to an endless spin on the imagined future. What they will think... "I'm not smart enough, beautiful enough, tough enough, sexy enough, experienced enough, good enough..." An endless litany of judgements that undermine my freedom to ACT!  Although I cannot control my monkey mind, I can choose what I focus on.

March 1, 2016

Its Pilot Season again and I don’t have an Agent!


Every professional actor must work to create a team of promoters and supporters. An agent, a manager, a coach/class, publicists, a photographer, a business manager, a theatre group, a community... 


Whether you have an agent now who isn’t the right fit or you’ve never had an agent on your team to date, either way it can be a daunting and intimidating task. But really, it’s all preparation and attitude!


First take account of supply and demand. You’re ready to hire an agent, you have true confidence in your ability and have objectively defined your “type” + your individual essence / particular qualities that make you uniquely cast-able. Unfortunately now is not the best time to be searching for an agent, it’s Pilot Season. Agents are very busy during this time, pitching the clients they already have on their rosters. So think of it as preparation time for a triathlon, nothing in the Business of Acting or the sharpening of your craft is a s...

January 26, 2016


It’s the New Year and people are reinvesting and recommitting to making their dreams come true, getting the most out of their lives and taking responsibility for making things happen.

If you’re an actor who is searching for a stimulating and supportive home base, an acting workshop may be just what you need. 

Ideally, teaching acting, is something of a calling. A great teacher is gifted at fostering talent in others. There are hundreds of acting teachers in Los Angeles so it might seem difficult to find the teacher that clicks for you.  You’ll need to put together a list of potential workshops to investigate. Here’s how:  

  1. Self-Assess: It’s always best to do an honest self-assessment! I.e. are you a novice, a trained actor just starting the process of marketing, or an experienced professional wanting to hone and grow your craft?

  2. Outline your objectives: Before you create your list define what you want:

    1. from your teacher  (inspiration, truth, communication, etc.?)

    2. ...
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May 29, 2019

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