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Acting with Michele


Michele teaches the tools you need to be present, fully engaged and living moment to moment in the pursuit of your objective. You'll explore scene work and technique exercises that further your ability to use: imagination, behavior, psychological disclosure, free emotional expression, and to create fully realized relationships. You'll leaencouragern how to breakdown a story and a character. She'll nurture your gifts that engage, challenge and excite you and your audience.


Define the material's purpose. Bring presence not concept to your character. Confidently make requested adjustments.
How-tos of In-the-Room or Self Tapes.





Technique is the cornerstone of a great actor: enhance talent don't replace it.

AWM Business Workshop


"An actor is an entrepreneur by the very nature of his position in show business, as such he must strategize for success."

Lessons include: Individuality/Branding (know thyself), accountability, research and targeting of managers, CDs, agents and television shows, defining your artistic, financial and life goals, budgeting, strategic actions, marketing, headshots, resumes, websites, social media, creating self-produced projects, web-series, theatre opportunities etc... 

Once a month, workshop members are invited to brunch. Actors share information, set goals, support and inspire each other.

Current Running Classes:

Scene-Study with Analysis. Begins July 1, 2019 Mondays 11 AM in North Hollywood. Interview and audition required.


Scene Study


Analysis; define what the story is and what gifts you may bring to it.

Create relationships with content & character through behavior. Listen to hear. Take action that illuminates motive. Color the essential word.

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