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Find the Acting Class That is Right for You

It’s the New Year and people are reinvesting and recommitting to making their dreams come true, getting the most out of their lives and taking responsibility for making things happen.

If you’re an actor who is searching for a stimulating and supportive home base, an acting workshop may be just what you need.

Ideally, teaching acting, is something of a calling. A great teacher is gifted at fostering talent in others. There are hundreds of acting teachers in Los Angeles so it might seem difficult to find the teacher that clicks for you. You’ll need to put together a list of potential workshops to investigate. Here’s how:

  1. Self-Assess: It’s always best to do an honest self-assessment! I.e. are you a novice, a trained actor just starting the process of marketing, or an experienced professional wanting to hone and grow your craft?

  2. Outline your objectives: Before you create your list define what you want:

  3. from your teacher (inspiration, truth, communication, etc.?)

  4. from the other actors/students you’ll be acting with (challenge, competition, trust, etc.?)

  5. from the kinship of the class community (support, informed, goodwill, doers not dreamers, etc.?)

  6. Check Resources. Check out this list at Backstage. Go on line. Make your list of *classes that sound promising to you and check out their websites.

  7. Ask other actors where they study and why?

  8. Make your list of 5 – 10 classes that you want to further explore.

  9. Call and ask if you can audit. (If you can’t, see if you can pay for 1 class before committing.)

  10. Questions you might ask:

  11. What goes on in class, - exercises, scene study, etc.?

  12. How long has the teacher(s) taught, what is his/her experience and background?

  13. How much do they charge? (Be sure to know your budget; if you can you afford the class) If you needed to take a leave of absence for lack of $, work (industry or other) or vacationing, what’s the reentry policy?

  14. How many times a week do they meet? How often does an actor get to work on his feet?

  15. How long are the classes?

  16. Is there a limit to class size?

  17. Do they require an audition for admittance? Can you re-audition if denied entry the first time? What does the audition consist of?

  18. Do they permit students to make up classes they have missed?

  19. Do they have any form of showcasing for the students?

  20. What is the level of skill in the class? Beginners, intermediate, advanced? Do varying levels work together? How are they divided and, after admittance, can you watch other classes work without participating?

  21. What is the central approach to acting, the system, or technique taught/used?

  22. Start auditing. Keep in mind what features are important to you and assess each workshop from you own perspective.

  23. When auditing consider:

  24. Does the teacher give feedback that you agree with? Is it constructive?

  25. Does he/she give clear specific notes that can help the actor make necessary changes, overcome challenges and grow?

  26. Does the actor have an opportunity to apply some of the notes then and there?

  27. Does the teacher have his/her own “technique” agenda or is the individual needs of the actor top priority?

  28. Choose the workshop that’s right for you now! If you didn’t find the right class in your first list, make a new list including the knowledge you have accumulated through previous audits.

A personal note regarding Gossett Acting Workshops: Our students’ passion and commitment to the art form and their fearless career objectives inspire me to give my very best. We continue to attract and admit only talented, committed and hardworking actors. The levels are intermediate to advance in technique, therefor an audition is required. The workshop includes a once a month audition class and a separate but included once a month Business Brunch.

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