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What actors are saying about Acting w Michele

"Michele has this wonderful sense of knowing exactly what you need to be the best that you can be. I've rid myself of my acting demons and emerged as an adaptable actress that no longer fears the unknown in her work"

-Charlotte Rothwell

"Michele's class feeds my soul and she pulls so much passion and love out of herself and everyone else. Such a wonderful environment to work and play in."

-Alana Schoen

"Michele inspires me to push through and be a more courageous artist. I feel more confident when I audition, owning my craft and making bold choices."

-Alessandro Nori

"Michele knows exactly what a scene needs to bring it to life. She points me toward the truth of what's happening and how to find it in myself.


-Jasmine Black

"Michele challenges you to do your very best work and she's incredibly passionate about what she does. Some teachers are all about themselves, but Michele is all about the work! "


-Emmy Newman

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